CCP Classic White Paper

Welcome to CCP Classic

I’d like to tell you about CCP Classic and how it can benefit you and where the proceeds are going.

There are 4 ways you will be able to use CCP Classic.

First, they will be put on the markets and sell for the current market price.

Second, can be traded for good and services and any CCP Site. Like food, clothing cabin rental and more for current CCP Classic market price.

Third, can be traded on the upcoming website that will sell items worldwide.

Fourth, there are businesses across Canada that are lining up to accept CCP Classic for payment.

The proceeds go to fund a new training program that will help unemployed people get back on their feet. We will be teaching people in these main areas:


Livestock, Livestock Management


Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Framing

Water Works Management

Aquaponics Green Houses


Hemp Production

Green energy management and setup

Beekeeping and Honey farming

It’s important that we help save the bees.

Well, people are taking the training for 1 to 5 years.

We provide housing, food, utilities, clothing, including all the basics. This way people can learn in a stress-free environment. All extra items that are made well in training that is not needed are sold off to local markets to pay for the program this allows us to keep expanding and creating more training communities across Canada and then the world.

With 36,000 acres of land and a great dream, you can help us make the world a better place.

Our main overall goals are to create sustainable essentials to life which include organic foods and alternative energy. This includes aquaponic greenhouses and solar energy projects. We have a great deal of interest in growing Hemp in Canada which has over 50,000 products. We look at the Hemp industry as a major project to produce all types of new products. Our plan is to introduced new manufacturing, processing and development of hemp-related products and medicines. This is estimated as a multi-billion dollar business over the next ten years.  Hemp production can replace most oil products including plastic. Hemp is biodegradable and can restore soil, air, and water. Plus only needs a fraction of the water to grow over most crops. In the U.S and Canada, we cut down 8 billion trees per year to make toilet paper. Hemp grows 40 times faster and produces more fiber per acre. Hemp and cannabis are in the same family but look nothing alike.  Cannabis has around 35% content of THC which is the drug some folks smoke to get high. Hemp has none or very little THC. So it shouldn’t be classified as a narcotic. Canada has come to realize this believe the U.S. will follow soon.  

 Another project CCP is quite proud of is helping the Unemployed with various Training Programs. These projects will be for the inner cities and at our property. CCP has under contract 36,000 acres in Canada. We plan to build a community called New Start Village. This community will become 100% self-sustainable. We will rehabilitate and provide training in various industries for anyone that wishes to move there and be part of our community. This community will become a showcase to the World displaying all types of sustainable technologies. We will be more than happy to help other communities, cities, and countries become more sustainable within time. Our top goal is helping to eliminate poverty within our lifetimes. We will need the help and efforts of others to accomplish this task.    

With 1000 bee hives we not only can produce a tasty treat but we can help ensure that bees continue to survive and flourish. Each hive can produce up to 30 pounds a week. We would have a good 26 weeks a year our side of the aquaponic greenhouses. That is of average 780 pounds of honey a year per hive. With 1000 hives times it by 780 pounds =780,000 pounds of honey a year. At $5 a pound that is $3.900,000 a year on honey alone.  





The tokens are affordable for anyone’s budget. Starting at 100 tokens for $50.00 U.S.  We expect the tokens to go up in value within a short period of time. Tokens might be used for the purchase of any products or services with relationships to CCP. They may be bought and sold as they increase in value similar to BitCoins. Once our tokens have become successful plan to move toward Also creating a digital coin.

All the tokens are split up in price to sell off all of the 80,000,000 Tokens. After we sell out the first 5 million tokens at $0.50 a piece it goes up by $0.25 each 2 million tokens sold. Our token sales, in the end, will fund the project by 381 million. We will have a marketplace up and running for people to buy and sell the tokens on our market after the pre-sale ends. So buying tokens in the beginning there is a good chance to make some money. Our tokens will do nothing but go up and up over time great investment for everyone. With people being able to trade the tokens in for items we produce the sky is the limit for the CCP Classic Tokens.

We ask everyone to join us. We wish to create a new World without poverty, hungry or suffering. It’s time for the people of the World to work together for common interest and mutual survival. We welcome all inquiries.

For mailing in donations please send to:

Canadian Community Project INC.
Box 157 Lanigan S.K. S0K2MO

 We are an Aboriginal-run organization.

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